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Seed Tiles – Backyard Bug Buddies (nature care)


Backyard and Bugs Buddies are great garden companions.  They supply a food source to insects, which in turn attract birds.

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Attract good bugs and birds to your garden with this collection.  The outcome will resemble a wild cottage garden.  For best results, sow the bugs buddies and the backyard buddies near your fruit trees or vegetable garden.  It can also be sown into containers.

Seeds are attached with a natural starch to a paper tile made from recycled 100% cotton denim jeans.  The denim paper will decompose in the soil and assist with water retention in the soil near the seeds.

Seed tiles make it easier to handle and plant tiny seeds. It was developed as a planting aid to help those that have lost dexterity in their hands or need to practise their fine motor skills, enjoy gardening.

What is inside:

Backyard Buddies: Australian native daisy mix – everlastings, billy buttons and cut leaf daisies. This is a food source for native moths, butterflies and bees.

Bugs Buddies: A wild cottage garden mixture with red clover, lucerne, cosmos, marigolds, queen Anne’s lace, buckwheat, dill, caraway, coriander, gypsophila and sweet alice to attract all the good bugs to your garden, which in turn will attract birds.

Full planting instructions inside each pack.

We know you’ll love our product, but regretfully advise that in national interest flower cards and seed tiles cannot be mailed to Norfolk Island, Kangaroo Island, Tasmania or Western Australia.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 2 cm


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