Paper & the Works

  • Paper & the Works is an independent Paperworks Inc initiative, but it benefits from collaboration with the Green Shed, Mitchell.
  • This initiative financially supports Paperworks Inc.
  • The project objective is to redistribute arts & crafts materials and equipment to reduce waste to landfill while simultaneously increasing community engagement.

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Social Workshops are held at our studio, 350 Antill Street, Watson ACT on Friday afternoons from 1-3pm. These social inclusion sessions are facilitated by Barbara Kennedy and Micki Marshall.

Workshop fees are $30 per person per session.

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Denim to Paper

We make most of our paper from recycled denim. According to Textile World, the average Australian buys 27kg of new textiles per year and then discards about 23kg to landfill. Two-thirds of the discards include synthetics and won't decompose.

Making paper from denim is very closely related to the original papermaking methods used in Europe and America when old cotton rags were used for paper manufacturing.

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