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Dear friends

Thank you for all your kind words. We appreciate the outpouring of your disappointment because we are closing down and we appreciate the generous expressions of gratitude for what we did accomplish.
Many people have also expressed dismay because we are not government funded. The latter is what I would like to address.

The irony is that we have developed into the organisation we are today, because we realised that the days of government funding for social enterprises that did not fit the NDIS mold, were over.
We were not a support providing organisation and had no intention of becoming one to benefit from the NDIS. We aspired to serve our community; not just a portion of our community.

Our aim has always been to build social capital through opportunities for social inclusion for EVERYONE, including retirees, widowed, retrenched, migrants, refugees, students, artists, the ever curious and people with special needs – irrespective of their ability, background or financial means to fund their workshops.

We wanted to break down the barriers of “otherness” by sharing skills, a cup of tea and a good old chat. In recent years we have attempted to use recyclable goods to self-fund, and almost achieved it with enormous volunteer support. Many people benefited from our studio and Paper & the Works workshops, and that made it all worthwhile. It was an enormous privilege for us.

The only advice I can give to anyone, is to not expect Government to fund any small charity. There are many worthy projects, all needing funding. Neither should anyone think that the small pool of grant funding available in the public domain is sufficient to keep all charities going. Grant funding is precarious, once off and not ever guaranteed.  Like any other business, a charity therefore needs to be self sustainable.

Funding for sustainability starts with EACH one OF US taking personal responsibility. If you love the work a charity does, please get involved and give! Not just time, but please buy their products and services, commit to make regular donations, even if it is $20/month. That will give them budget certainty.

Please tell your friends how to support the organisations they love. Let that be our legacy.

With love,
The Paperworks Inc Team xx

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