Seeding Social Inclusion

Paperworks Inc is a Canberra based not-for-profit social enterprise that uses recycling to build community and social capital.
Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Our Mission

Bringing people together through
recycling, hand print- and papermaking

Our Vision

Social inclusion through community art

Our Values

Respect for people

Creating a safe space where everyone’s contribution is valued

Respect for the environment

Paperworks uses recycled denim jeans and natural fibres

Building community

Across all boundaries of age, culture, education, social status


Being creative and having fun


Susanna Pieterse

"I have always loved paper – the smell, the texture, the absolute sensuous nature of it. It is no surprise then, that in 1999 I began making paper, with the intention to play a part in the global drive for recycling. Initially I have used recycled paper – as all beginners do, but soon moved on to recycling denim. It is a laborious process to convert jeans to paper, but well worth the effort. The paper is not only beautiful, but versatile, amazingly strong and even better – it is a great way to recycle!"

Management Committee
  • Marja Rouse


  • Claudine Jamieson


  • Richard Bear