Our Story

Paper People

We love the maleable nature of paper – from robust to translucent – the unexpected revelation of emotion in a seemingly plain material. But it is people that matters more than paper. Paperworks Inc desires a richer social experience for everyone! We aim to bring people of all backgrounds and abilities together through creating handmade paper from recycled materials, including denim jeans and locally harvested plant fibres.


Social inclusion through community art


Bringing people together through recycling, hand print- and papermaking

Our Values

  • Respect for people: creating a safe space where everyone’s contribution is valued
  • Respect for the environment: Paperworks uses recycled denim jeans and natural fibres.
  • Building community: across all boundaries of age, culture, education, social status
  • Teamwork
  • Being creative and having fun

Susanna Pieterse


Susanna PieterseI have always loved paper – the smell, the texture, the absolute sensuous nature of it. It is no surprise then, that in 1999 I began making paper, with the intention to play a part in the global drive for recycling. Initially I have used recycled paper – as all beginners do, but soon moved on to recycling denim. It is a laborious process to convert jeans to paper, but well worth the effort. The paper is not only beautiful, but versatile, amazingly strong and even better – it is a great way to recycle!

Barbara Kennedy

Social workshop co-ordinator

Barbara Kennedy“Early in 2011, I read an article about a group, Paperworks, wanting people to donate their old jeans to make into paper. I later discovered that Paperworks were running classes, so I joined up……and here I am still.

I had volunteered for many years at Rough Diamonds, a group that encouraged marginalised people and people with disabilities to meet socially, so I was thrilled to discover that Paperworks has a similar aim. Recently I was invited to help at Paperworks on Friday mornings. We have great fun together making paper, and doing paper-related craft activities.

Kathy Edwards

Studio co-ordinator

Kathy EdwardsAfter retiring from the Education Department where I worked with Hearing Impaired students and children with special needs, I looked for volunteer work and came across Paperworks Inc. I was curious as to how on earth denim jeans could be turned into paper. So I went along to lend a hand and never left! How lucky was I, making new friends, learning a new skill and being able to indulge in my favourite pastime, arts and crafts!

Production Team

  • Allyscha Thomson
  • Louise Wagner
  • Sarah Sadler

Management Committee

  • President: Marja Rouse
  • Secretary: Claudine Jamieson
  • Treasurer: Richard Bear
  • Committee member: vacant